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Ahjar Project offers high-quality surveying services to our clients in cities like Muscat, Salalah, Nizwa, and Sohar in Oman. Our team of certified and result-driven land surveyors is skilled at performing accurate field surveys, operating various professional equipment and tools, developing detailed sketches, and analyzing maps and other documents. We also have a wide collection of the latest surveying equipment to ensure we offer the best services to our clients.
Our scope of work in surveying includes a range of services such as detailed survey, as-built survey, topographical survey, and land demarcation. We have an experienced professional team that is excellent in using Autocad, GPS, Total Station, Auto level, and other surveying software to ensure the accuracy and precision of our surveying services.
Detailed survey is an important service we offer, which involves taking precise measurements and creating a detailed plan of a given area, including structures, boundaries, topography, and vegetation. This survey is commonly used for designing buildings, roads, and other infrastructure projects.

As-built survey is another important service we provide. It involves creating accurate and comprehensive plans of existing structures or sites, which can be used for various purposes such as renovations, additions, and repairs.
Topographical survey is also one of our key services, which involves mapping the contours of the land, including the elevation, size, and shape of natural and man-made features on the land. This survey is commonly used in planning and designing infrastructure projects, construction, and mining operations.

Land demarcation is also an essential service we offer. It involves identifying and marking boundaries of land to resolve disputes and provide clarity on land ownership. We use the latest surveying equipment and techniques to ensure that our land demarcation services are accurate and reliable.
Our professional team is well-versed in using Autocad, GPS, Total Station, and Auto level, which are some of the latest surveying software and equipment available in the market. We always strive to offer our clients the best surveying services possible by using the latest technologies and techniques.

Our surveying services at Ahjar Project are comprehensive and accurate. We have a professional team that is well-equipped with the latest surveying equipment and software to ensure the quality and precision of our services. Whether it's a detailed survey, as-built survey, topographical survey, or land demarcation, we have the expertise to handle any project in Oman